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Policy of Unacceptable Behavior
The following is considered unacceptable behavior on the ALANO Club South Property

1.  Disturbing meetings by excessive noise etc.9.   Sexual harassment
2.  Damaging or misuse of Club property10. No Weapons
3.  Theft11. No pets except service animals
4.  Leaving children unsupervised without an adult12. Soliciting
5.  Aggressive verbal or physical confrontations13. Gambling games
6.  Use of Undersirable or Offensive language14. Alcohol, Drugs
7.  Dress without shirt and or shoes15. No smoking or Vaping inside club house
8.  Loiter or sleeping

The Board of Directors understands we are all in the process of recovery.  This is a program of honesty, integrity and reponsibility.  All users of the Club facilities are asked to follow, enforce and report unacceptable behavior. The club has no staff to clean your facility, make a mess or see one, clean it up.  Your cooperation and assistance is appreciated.

The Board of Directors, Alano Club South
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